Best Garden Soil To Grow Tomatoes

Best Garden Soil To Grow Tomatoes

The best tomatoes grow in the best garden soil. This popular fruit (yes, it is a member of the fruit family) is a staple in any home garden.

Tomatoes will grow in most soil conditions provided they have full sun and adequate water.



For the biggest, juiciest tomatoes on the block, soil rich in organic matter is a must. Tomatoes are heavy feeders and need a soil rich in nutrients with good drainage.

Well-rotted horse and cow manure, home compost, blood and fish meals are excellent additives.

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For soil that is sandy, adding peat moss will improve moisture retention. Tomatoes need regular and even watering.

Heavy clay soils need all the help they can get. Organic matter, as previously mentioned, plus the addition of sand during soil preparation will break up that tightly packed soil.

Tomatoes also benefit from the phosphorus, nitrogen, and calcium found in bonemeal.


Most home garden soil tends to be acidic but the only way to know the ph of your soil for sure is to do a soil test. Soil test kits are available in most home and garden centers.

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Add lime to raise the ph level in your soil if needed. Lime also adds calcium which benefits tomatoes.

Wood ashes, potash and seaweed meal add potassium to your soil; another necessary nutrient for healthy plants. Having healthy soil is the most important component to raising healthy plants.

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Tomato Diseases

Tomatoes are subject to a number of diseases. Several varieties of blight, blossom end rot and Verticillium Wilt are common tomato problems.

Some diseases are carried in the soil and others are due to soil deficiencies. Blossom end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency. Verticillium Wilt is caused by a fungus.  

These diseases are symptoms of unhealthy soil. In many cases, the treatment is soil amendments.

Unfortunately, this is little that can be done once the diseased plants are in mid-growing season.

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Tomato Garden Soil Amendments

Soil amendments assist in ridding the soil of harmful soil borne pests and diseases.

Animal manure, animal byproducts, and green manure such as rye, wheat, soybeans, barley, and others have been used for centuries to improve soil conditions, decrease unwanted weeds and inhibit disease.

Amendments are found to increase yields and reduce scab and wilt for tomato crops. 

Best Soil To Grow Tomatoes